Week Two, Day Four of Quarantine with the children. If you’re disheartened and considering what to do to keep the little ones entertained I’ve created a timetable and included some resources worth checking out.

If you haven’t yet seen my vlog on Homeschooling during Quarantine, check it out on my YouTube channel : Here


  • Eedi website – Craig Barton’s maths resources.
  • Oxford Owl website – Free maths games and activities for ages 3-11 (requires sign up for an account).
  • Eedi website – Craig Barton’s maths resources.
  • NRich website – Primary maths activities and games.
  • Mathsticks website – An online platform for maths games.
  • Numbots website – Games that focus on addition and subtraction.
  • Times tables rock stars website – A programme for daily times tables practice. (currently full free access to all schools closed).
  • White Rose Maths website – Provides maths lessons for Years 1-8.
  • IXL


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If there is s a resource that you think is missing that you have found really useful during your time homeschooling during the quarantine. Please share it in the ‘leave a reply’ box below.

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